Newsletter | May 3, 2021

05.03.21 -- How To Continue Your Digital Transformation Journey

Why You Need To Digitally Transform Your R&D Organization

For life sciences companies, digital transformation is a transition that alters processes and behaviors for successful outcomes. Despite many companies considering digital transformation a top priority, research shows that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail. This e-book explores why, and how the right approach can see your organization succeed.

Are You F.A.I.R?

In the scientific space, data is a key ingredient in innovation. To get the most out of data, you must ensure it is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable — F.A.I.R. for short. But in most organizations, that is not the case. Learn more about how you can change that using the F.A.I.R. principles, which have been recognized as standards to realize that potential.

Why Is Communication In Biopharma Failing?

When collaborating with external partners, a biopharma company must anticipate communication challenges related to a large volume and variety of documents, regulation-compliant storage of data, and real-time visibility and control. Learn how an online collaboration system can unite contract organizations and the biopharma company while overcoming challenges.

The Evolving Role Of The GxP Archivist

Customers and regulators expect the highest level of data integrity. Not having a plan to adopt the cloud may mean losing competitive advantage, as well as, with the ever-increasing amounts of data and the extra demands on audits, making the role of the archivist more challenging. This article asserts that storing GLP data in the cloud is acceptable, provided certain conditions are met.