Newsletter | January 5, 2021

01.05.21 -- How To Accelerate Timelines By Planning For Clinical Supplies In Advance

Strategies For Efficient Clinical Supply Management And Forecasting

Clinical trials have many moving parts and clinical supplies need to be prepared well in advance of the actual study start. This, along with complex study protocols, variable and unpredictable patient recruitment, and limited storage space, adds to the challenge. Learn how efficient clinical supply management and forecasting can identify supply solutions that minimize or even potentially avoid supply chain disruptions.

Innovative And Flexible Solutions For An E2E Patient-Centric, Lean Clinical Supply Chain

For sponsors who are embracing the promise of patient-centric trials, new challenges are emerging. This webinar explores how recent innovations in forecasting, supply pooling, decentralized processing, labeling, demand-led supply, and direct-to-patient distribution are converging to create a next-generation clinical supply chain that is flexible, lean, and most importantly, patient-centric.

Accelerating Timelines By Planning For Clinical Supplies In Advance

Time is a critical factor when conducting clinical studies. Developing a clinical supply strategy early is key to minimizing risk and avoiding delays when implementing and executing accelerated study timelines.