Newsletter | July 20, 2021

07.20.21 -- How To Accelerate Cell Culture Media Manufacturing And Scale-Up

From Meeting Demand To The New Normal: How Biologics Production Is Shifting In Response To SARS-CoV-2

Following the emergence of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, trends began to emerge in the industry during a period of rapid adaptation. What can we learn from the global crisis, and which changes are likely here to stay?

Preparing For The Green Light: Considerations For Post-Approval Biologics Manufacturing

Following clinical development, and in preparation for approval, it is essential to plan for the commercial manufacturing of your cell culture media. Read about considerations before, during, and after clinical trials that can help you maintain the biologic drug approval status you have spent years working to achieve.

Accelerating Cell Culture Media Manufacturing From Rapid Prototyping Through cGMP
Employing media prototyping is one way to identify the most feasible cell culture media for cGMP scale-up and to decrease potential issues with solubility, manufacturability, and procurement later on. Learn more.
Vaccine Bioproduction: An Industry In The Spotlight

The pressure continues for manufacturers to quickly produce approved vaccines in unprecedented volumes. Learn about the challenges of sourcing critical process materials from reliable suppliers and how consistency and collaboration are required to ensure a reliable supply of bioprocess materials.

Raw Materials In Upstream Bioproduction: Challenges And Solutions

Media formulations supporting the production of biologics, such as cell-, gene-, and protein-based therapies, consist of a large number of raw materials sourced globally from different suppliers. Here's how to ensure a reliable raw material supply and to mitigate risk from variability.