Newsletter | January 13, 2022

01.13.22 -- How Customized Single-Use Manifold Assemblies Can Accelerate Lead Times

Supply Under Shortage — Throwing Out The Life Belt

Shortages of single-use components jeopardize production of drug substances. This success story of providing custom-build and fully sterilized manifolds within only two weeks for an international customer proves it is possible to secure business continuity and outsmart supply chain challenges in biopharma.

Case Study: The Relief Through Customized Manifolds
Very often none of the provided single-use assemblies on the market match the requirements of CMOs. The manifold supply is mostly standardized and not individual enough. This case study highlights the need for flexible solutions.

Customized Single-Use Manifold Assemblies To Accelerate Lead Times

Manufacturing of sterile consumables made easy and fast.

  • Build and order your manifold with the online manifold configurator MyManifold
  • Manufacturing in certified cleanroom ISO 7 and irradiation
  • QA release and delivery within approx. 6 weeks — depending on complexity

In alignment with the Single Use Support philosophy — “It’s the speed that counts” — supply chain challenges are outsmarted with enhanced ordering processes and expanded production facilities for single-use assemblies through MyManifold to accelerate lead times radically.