Webinar | April 18, 2018

High Productivity Membrane Chromatography: Enabling The Next Generation Bioprocessing Paradigm

Source: MilliporeSigma

A new single-use (per batch) chromatography platform employs traditional, proven chemistries in an inventive hydrogel polymer membrane format that enables the next generation bioprocessing paradigm. The experimental Protein A membrane, featuring a 10-fold improvement in productivity over resin columns and high selectivity (i.e. 3 LRV HCP), is combined with high performance membranes with mixed mode and ion exchange modalities for a fully single-use membrane-based purification process. The membrane columns show protein capacities similar or superior to reference resins in bind and elute, and up to 7 LRV clearance of MVM at 20kg/L in flow through mode. A membrane-based process allows a holistic process strategy involving small footprint, high throughput processing by means of a rapid multi-cycling capture step (up to 100 cycles per batch) and high capacity flow through polishing. This single-use (per batch) platform results in simple, compact, flexible, yet robust and safe downstream operations for cost-efficient manufacturing to support the growing demand for affordable biologics.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Advantages of a fully single-use membrane-based purification processes
  • High capacity flow through polishing with an inventive membrane adsorber combining the best of resins (DBC) and membranes (30x of flow rate)