Newsletter | June 14, 2021

06.14.21 -- GMP CAR T Manufacturing: The Poseida Approach

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Boost Cys-Solubility, Performance In Cell Culture Media Apps

While the solubility of free L-Cysteine is high at neutral pH, the applicable concentration in basal and feed media is limited. Read more about an available solution for solubility and performance challenges.

SimpliFiH Solutions For Accelerated Pharmaceutical Development

Explore an integrated service package designed to simplify and accelerate the development pathway, even for APIs with challenging properties such as low aqueous solubility and poor bioavailability.

Managing Refrigerated vs. Frozen Drug Product: What’s The Big Deal?

The most common storage is ultra-low temperature storage, but the fastest growing is cryogenic, in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen. This transition is huge. Chain of temperature and custody data is imperative.  

Five Dangers Of An Insecure API Supply Chain

The diversity and agility of API supply chains are key to ensuring that medicines can be manufactured and delivered to patients on time, even in the face of challenges and unforeseen circumstances.

Use Advanced Analytics To Usher In The Continuous Manufacturing Era

The need to analyze data more quickly with continuous manufacturing requires a robust data collection and integration strategy across your entire organization.

Single-Use Bioreactors For High-Volume Performance

A new generation of single-use bioreactors allows intensified, flexible manufacturing, enhanced by high-power input per volume, and better volumetric mass transfer performance.

Agile Aseptic Pharmaceutical Production

Aseptic production and fill/finish operations are complex, and unexpected challenges should not disrupt the outcome of delivering needed pharmaceutical products to patients.

Telltale Signs You’re With The Wrong CDMO

Is your CDMO an asset or a hindrance? This article explores 10 red flags that signal your partner isn't carrying its weight on your journey to commercialization.

Shifting The Biomanufacturing Paradigm: Intensifying Upstream Processes

Explore upstream strategies to increase protein titers, which can translate into higher throughput, improved flexibility, and compressed timelines.

Host Cell Protein (HCP) Clearance By Amsphere A3 And Other Protein A Resins

Clearance of host cell proteins (HCPs) is one of the performance parameters of downstream antibody production. In this poster, results for Amsphere A3 were compared with two other commercially available resins.

Using X-Ray View To See Optimal Freezing Results
Single-use support compared the interfacial stress of frozen single-use bags: How does the bag experience stress in plate-based freezers and conventional static freezers?
Continuous Flow Manufacturing Of Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Strong growth is anticipated for continuous flow manufacturing of APIs as it offers important advantages over traditional batch manufacturing in terms of quality, safety, and sustainability of the overall process.

Getting Your Investigational Drug Regulatory Ready

Here, we map out basic information to help you approach regulatory policies and offer helpful strategies to facilitate efficient regulatory review and drug approval.

Production Of In-Specification Buffer On Demand For Batch Processes

The Allegro Connect buffer management system (BMS) has the capacity to dilute in-line up to six different buffer concentrates, in-specification and on-demand for connected downstream process (DSP) operations.

Novel Tool Box For Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) Therapy In Regenerative Medicine

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from mesenchymal stem cells are a promising therapeutic strategy in regenerative medicine. This application note illustrates the use of our PS affinity EVs isolation technology.

Rapid Cell Culture Media Analysis For Cell And Gene Therapy Development

This webinar explores the benefits of rapid media analysis in cell therapy development and viral vector production. Frequent analysis gives you more control to reduce the time to hit your goals.

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