Newsletter | June 24, 2021

06.24.21 -- Gene Therapy: Unprecedented Growth Comes With Challenges

Radiance Label-Free Monitoring Of AAV Transfection In HEK293 Cells

LumaCyte’s Radiance® instrument, which uses Laser Force Cytology™ to measure the intrinsic biophysical and biochemical properties of single cells, can improve the characterization of cell-based adeno-associated virus (AAV) transfection and production, improving efficiency and accuracy and shortening development time.

Allogeneic T-Cell Therapies: Efficient Commercial Manufacturing Readiness

Our "manufacturing by design" approach for addressing the industrialization of cell therapies allows for optimal production conditions. This methodology was applied to a generic allogeneic T-cell-based process to propose a robust, scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable allogeneic platform.

Unprecedented Growth — And Challenges — In Gene Therapy

There is an abundance of gene therapy-related activity, a clinical pipeline in a high-growth phase, and an influx of venture capital funding for gene therapy companies. There are also challenges: scalability, dosing, and the price of the final treatment.