Galaxy 170 R CO2 Incubator

Source: Eppendorf, Inc


Since their introduction over twenty years ago, Galaxy CO2 incubators have become a mainstay in cell culture labs all over the world. They set the standard for quality and innovation, and are designed to meet real world needs. They were first to use a fan-less design, direct heating technology and a seamless chamber. Time and again features like these have helped to improve lab processes and cell culture results.

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With extra options such as O2 control, the 170 L capacity Galaxy 170 R is ideal for traditional and nontraditional application, including cGMP work, cancer research, stem cell research and more.

The perfect CO2 incubation environment

At the heart of all Galaxy CO2 incubators is a six-sided direct-heating profile. Gentle convection circulation of the chamber atmosphere maintains stable temperatures and CO2 control throughout the chamber. Unlike traditional forced-air culture systems, this design protects against wide fluctuations in temperature and CO2 that stress cells.

No fan is required, which eliminates a classic source of contamination, disturbing vibrations, and costly HEPA filters. Direct-heating technology combined with the following additional features provide the perfect CO2 incubation environment.

  • IR sensor: Provides specific measurement and accurate control of CO2 levels, unlike traditional TC sensors that are sensitive to chamber humidity and temperature fluctuations
  • Advanced PI control: Maintains temperature accuracy and uniformity while minimizing costly gas consumption
  • Tightly sealed inner glass door: Samples can be viewed during cell culturing without compromising the sample or environment. Since the chamber remains closed when samples are viewed, temperature uniformity is maintained and costly CO2 and N2 consumption is reduced. Optional 4- and 8-split inner doors are available.
  • Unique perforated shelves help to ensure rapid recovery of temperature, CO2 and RH when the door is opened and closed

Shown above, split inner door and unique perforated shelves help to maintain optimized CO2 incubation environment.

Designed with sample safety in mind

Galaxy CO2 Incubators are designed to keep samples free of contamination with the following features:

  • Easy-to-clean incubator chamber: Deep-drawn chamber with rounded corners and a smooth, seamless  surface eliminates a common source  of contamination and is easy to clean
  • Optional High Temperature Disinfection (HTD) heats the internal chamber to  120 °C and holds it for 4 hours to effectively eliminate contaminants
  • Removable humidity pan and shelves slide out for fast, easy and effective cleaning. Shelves can also be easily repositioned
  • Optional seamless oxidizing copper chamber is available, providing the utmost in contamination protection

Advanced LCD pushbutton control

  • Quick viewing of multiple parameters
  • Comprehensive and rapid analysis of real time and historical conditions, including trend graphs
  • Quick changes in environmental and alarm settings, on-screen troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • 72-hour continuous data logging records environmental conditions, temperature, alarms and more
  • Password protected settings and alarm setpoints

Additional standard features include:

  • NEW Building Management System (BMS) Relay for integration into centralized building alarm system is now a standard feature
  • Programmable auto-zero port with hydrophobic filter ensures accurate CO2 calibration measurements; exceptional filtration rate of 99.99% prevents particulates from entering the sensor or chamber
  • 25mm access port for adding instrumentation or probes
  • High quality door gasket maintains a leak-free seal
  • RS-232 for communication and external instrument logging
  • In-line filters for gas supply inlets ensure sterility
  • Space-saving stackable (x2) design; requires optional stacking stand

A wide range of options:

  • O2 control creates hyper- or hypoxic environment perfect for stem cell research and oncology studies;  1-19 %, 0.1-19 % and 1-95% control options available
  • Humidity alert and monitoring package includes a monitor to display relative humidity levels and warning alarm for low water levels
  • High temperature disinfection (HTD) effectively eliminates bacterial contamination
  • Available with seamless oxidizing copper chamber for the utmost in contamination protection

Backed by trusted service from Eppendorf

Galaxy CO2 incubators are supported by world-class Eppendorf service and support. Three service maintenance plans are offered to ensure that the CO2 incubator is maintained in proper working condition and cell culture environment is consistently stable. Certification services are also available to satisfy quality management requirements, including Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) certification that guarantee instrument installation and performance according to manufacturer’s specifications. Documentation is provided for regulatory compliance.


Temperature range

Ambient + 4  to 50 °C

Temperature uniformity

± 0.3 °C

Temperature control

± 0.1 °C

Temp. stability at 37 °C

± 0.1 °C

CO2 range

0.2 - 20 %

CO2 uniformity

± 0.1 %

CO2 control

± 0.1 %

CO2 stability at 5 % CO2

± 0.2 %


170 L

Internal dimensions

53.3 x 44.4 x 69.1 cm

External dimensions

68.6 x 67.8 x 84.3 cm

Net weight

89.9 kg

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