Article | April 12, 2017

Freezing Down Time In Bioprocessing

Source: MilliporeSigma
Freezing Down Time In Bioprocessing

By Jochen B. Sieck, Darmstadt, Merck KGaA

Can high density cryopreservation allow biopharma manufacturers to buy back time? The answer is “yes” – and specialized media (both catalogue and customized) for perfusion processes are being designed for this purpose.

Biotechnology, the industrial application of biological organisms, has fascinated me since school, so after obtaining my diploma, biopharma research and development was an obvious next step. For my PhD thesis, I focused on the response of mammalian cells to shear and other stresses. Subsequently, I worked as an industry post-doc on perfusion processes, including process development, medium development and high-density cryopreservation technology (HD Cryo). Today at Merck KGaA, I am the head of the Cell Culture Media R&D Laboratory – my team works to improve HD Cryo in order to make bioprocessing more efficient and flexible.