Newsletter | October 12, 2021

10.12.21 -- Fluid Management: Partners Poised To Meet Demand

Planova™ Virus Filtration Systems

Viral safety is a fundamental regulatory requirement for the production of mammalian cell-based or plasma-based protein therapeutics. Our Planova™ Virus Filtration Systems combine extensive expertise in artisanal fluid management with the rich tradition of Planova filters to help you maintain the integrity of your biotherapeutic during clinical-through commercial-scale virus filtration.

NovaSeptum® GO Sterile Sampling Systems

From your bioreactor to final sterile filtration, the new NovaSeptum® GO sampling system lets you sample processes the way you want. Flexible formats and volumes adapt to your process for robust, reliable monitoring and quality assurance.

Qualification Summary: Shippers For Celsius® FFT | FFTp 12L With Safecore™ Technology

Since it is not possible to anticipate every possible transport route, a set of industry-recognized tests was selected to represent a challenging use scenario. The two main risks to frozen material during transport are mechanical and thermal. In this note we have evaluated the  Celsius® FFT | FFTp Box Shipper and Celsius® FFT | FFTp Bulk Shipper using the ASTM D-4169 test for mechanical risks and the ISTA 7D test for thermal risks.

Factors Which Impact mAb Process Scale-Up

Thinking about your mAb scale-up processes early on can help avoid common pitfalls. Cytiva’s Fast Trak scientists discuss factors that can influence a successful scale-up outcome.

Allegro™ Connect Buffer Management System

Allegro Connect buffer management system provides in-line dilution of buffer at point of use. Designed to simplify and improve process buffer workflow by providing ‘just-in-time’ process buffer directly to the unit operation.

Bioprocess Sampling Case Study

A GMP-compliant, novel process sampling solution for taking multiple conical tube samples at varying time points results in immediate process efficiency and sterility assurance.

Automated Particle Analysis Of Viscous Samples With MFI And The Bot1 Autosampler

Micro-Flow Imaging™ (MFI) easily detects particle size and morphology on a wide range of particle contaminants. And when you add the Bot 1 Autosampler to your MFI 5000 Series system, you’ve got the automated go-to method of choice for particle analysis today. In this application note, we studied how the Bot1 handled viscous samples, and found that with just a few simple optimization steps, you can be running viscous samples in no time at all.

MicroCNX™ Series Connectors Specification

MicroCNX™ Connectors introduce a new category of aseptic micro-connectors that provide a simple, efficient method of connecting tubing for small-format biomanufacturing assemblies. MicroCNX connectors are the modern alternative to the cumbersome, industrial process of tube welding.

Mixing Systems: Complete Recirculation And Mixing Process System

Two of the most significant benefits to single-use bioprocessing over reusable manufacturing equipment are lower cost and simpler operation. And yet some processing steps, such as mixing, have not been able to realize these benefits. The Entegris mixing system is designed to maximize simplicity, ease-of-use, and affordability.

SciLog® FD System

The SciLog® FD System is an automated single-use system for the bulk filtration and dispense of biopharmaceutical products into either bags or bottles.


RoSS.FILL CGT is a flexible platform for dispensing operations into single use bags and bulk filtration that are supported by RoSS systems. The fluid path is designed to be fully disposable and is able to accommodate a variety of sterile connection and disconnection options.

CentriPAK BioProcess Container

Centrifuge-ready single-use BioProcess Containers enable closed-system handling of critical sterile liquids from culture vessel to harvesting and downstream applications — because contamination of a biopharmaceutical batch between cell culturing and downstream purification steps is not an option.