Flexsafe Single-Use Bags

Source: Sartorius Stedim Biotech


Standard Flexsafe 2D validation bags made of the new polyethylene S80 film are designed for small scale investigations and for the validation of the Flexsafe bag family. They are available in 150 mL and 500 mL volumes to support end users’ process development and validation testing. Flexsafe bags have been designed by combining material science and a Quality by Design approach to provide outstanding cell growth, robustness and assurance of supply for all process steps of biomanufacture.


  • Optimized antioxidant package
  • Pharmacopoeia-listed antioxidants
  • Zero slipping agents
  • Mechanical anti-blocking
  • Combined strength and flexibility of the film and the welds
  • Contracts with suppliers for back-up resin and extrusion equipment; and safety stocks
  • Control of resin, extrusion and bag-making process