Newsletter | October 8, 2021

10.08.21 -- Find Filtration Products For Your Specific Applications

Process & Scalability Evaluation Of SPTFF Of mAb-Based Biomolecules

The value of single pass tangential flow filtration lies in operational simplicity and a small equipment footprint. This document describes the principles of and ideal operating conditions for SPTFF.

Fully Single-Use Virus Filtration In Manufacturing – New Concepts And Strategies

To reduce time to market multipurpose facilities with fully single-use technologies are used which provides highest flexibility to bring the products fast into the market. Investment costs are much lower and in addition also safety aspects are considered in a much better way. These are just some advantages of fully single-use processes. This poster will focus on concepts for creating single-use virus filtrations steps in different manufacturing ways.

ÄKTA Pilot 600 Chromatography System

ÄKTA™ pilot 600 is a bench-top chromatography system well-suited for both GMP and non-GMP work. The wide flow and pressure range allows both production of technical batches and scale-up studies as well as small-scale production of GMP-grade material.

High-Performance Filtration For Optimal Life Science Workflows

Pall’s high-performance filtration solutions cover every step of the life science workflow - from cell line development to clone selection, optimization, and protein analysis. Our products simplify processes, reduce risk, and accelerate laboratory throughput.

Virus Filtration Assurance Through Automation

Learn how to achieve virus filtration assurance with a purpose-built automation software that integrates our filtration expertise into your manufacturing suite at every step of the process.

MicroCNX™ Series Connectors Specification

MicroCNX™ Connectors introduce a new category of aseptic micro-connectors that provide a simple, efficient method of connecting tubing for small-format biomanufacturing assemblies. MicroCNX connectors are the modern alternative to the cumbersome, industrial process of tube welding.

Bridging Anti-CHO HCP Antibodies From Two 3rd Generation Cygnus CHO HCP ELISA Kits By AAE-MS

Cygnus Technologies is transitioning the CHO HCP ELISA, 3G Kit  to the resupply version. This study is an antibody coverage comparison of polyclonal antibodies supporting the original CHO HCP ELISA Kit, 3G, F550 vs. the resupply CHO HCP ELISA Kit, 3G, F550-1

Microcarrier Separation System: Sterile, Single-Use Mesh Filtration System

The Entegris microcarrier separation system is designed to ease the finance and complexity burdens of single-use systems while maximizing simplicity, ease of use, and affordability. This system facilitates a separation process through the use of a streamlined, single-use filter/mesh bag system and peristaltic pump; no other equipment is required.

Optimizing A Cell Culture Media Filtration Process

How Parker Bioscience Filtration's Technical Support Group was tasked with optimizing and simplifying a biopharma's process for tryptone soya broth (TSB) and vegetable soya broth (VSB) production.

Custom Single Use Manifold Assemblies Thrive In Biopharma

To comply with the versatile requirements of today’s market, flexibility and the option to customize are key whilst maintaining availability and short lead times.