Fermentation Systems

new brunswick fermentation systems

Whether you prefer the convenience of a single-use bioreactor, the flexibility of an autoclavable system, or the robustness of a sterilizable-in-place (SIP) production-scale reactor, we have a system right for you.

Autoclavable Fermentors

The New Brunswick BioFlo®/CelliGen® 115 and BioFlo 310 are benchtop, autoclavable systems that feature the convenience of pre-defined packages for easy ordering and the flexibility of both fermentation and cell culture modes. 

Sterilizable-in-place Fermentors

Eppendorf brings you four sterilizable-in-place New Brunswick fermentor models, BioFlow Pro, which are benchtop, mobile, modular or custom fermentation systems and are diverse enough to fit virtually any need. 

BioFlo®/CelliGen® 115 Benchtop Fermentor & Bioreactor
The BioFlo/CelliGen 115 takes the complexity out of equipment selection, set-up and operation. It features a totally integrated control station with a color touchscreen interface, built-in pumps, gas flow controllers, pH/DO, foam/level controllers and more — no external PC needed. In fact, we've made it so simple, your new unit can be unpacked and ready for the autoclave in under a half hour.

Fermentor, BioFlo 310 Autoclavable Fermentor, 2.5 - 14L
The BioFlo 310 benchtop fermentor - bioreactor system is so powerful, it's virtually impossible for you to outgrow its control capabilities. This advanced system regulates up to 32 parameters each, in one to four fermentors. Over 120 parameters total! Why so many? So you can easily integrate and control your own analyzers, pumps, sensors and other ancillary devices directly from the BioFlo 310. A user-friendly touchscreen controller integrates it all, simplifying setup and operation.

Fermentor, BioFlo Pro Customizable SIP Fermentor, 75 - 3000L
New Brunswick Scientific has created a revolutionary new line of large-scale fermentors, modular in design, to allow ready customization, quick delivery, and the ability to expand system capabilities as needs change.

Fermentor, Sterilizable-In-Place Benchtop BioFlo 415, 7 - 19.5 L
New Brunswick Scientific's new BioFlo 415 sterilizable-in-place fermentor, with advanced touchscreen interface, provides an unprecedented level of convenience and control for research through production applications. This cGMP-compliant, validatable benchtop system is uniquely capable of automatic sterilization using only your lab's water supply and the unit's built-in heater. With the ability to control up to 32 process loops and regulate one to four gasses, it's an ideal system for high-yield production of bacteria, yeast & fungi in aerobic and anaerobic cultures.

Fermentors, Sterilizable-In-Place: New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo 510® Bench Or Mobile, 19.5 & 40 Liter Fermentors
New Brunswick Scientific's modular, cGMP-compliant BioFlo 510® fermentors provide system flexibility, convenient operation, and the ability to easily upgrade as your process needs change. For R&D through Production.

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