Fermentation Systems

new brunswick fermentation systems

Whether you prefer the convenience of a single-use bioreactor, the flexibility of an autoclavable system, or the robustness of a sterilizable-in-place (SIP) production-scale reactor, we have a system right for you.

Autoclavable Fermentors

The New Brunswick BioFlo®/CelliGen® 115 and BioFlo 310 are benchtop, autoclavable systems that feature the convenience of pre-defined packages for easy ordering and the flexibility of both fermentation and cell culture modes. 

Sterilizable-in-place Fermentors

Eppendorf brings you four sterilizable-in-place New Brunswick fermentor models, BioFlow Pro, which are benchtop, mobile, modular or custom fermentation systems and are diverse enough to fit virtually any need. 

Fermentor, BioFlo Pro Customizable SIP Fermentor, 75 - 3000L

New Brunswick Scientific has created a revolutionary new line of large-scale fermentors, modular in design, to allow ready customization, quick delivery, and the ability to expand system capabilities as needs change.

Fermentors, Sterilizable-In-Place: New Brunswick Scientific BioFlo 510® Bench Or Mobile, 19.5 & 40 Liter Fermentors

New Brunswick Scientific's modular, cGMP-compliant BioFlo 510® fermentors provide system flexibility, convenient operation, and the ability to easily upgrade as your process needs change. For R&D through Production.