Newsletter | October 28, 2004

10.28.04 -- Feature Article: Using The ELx405 Select CW To Wash Loosely Adherent Tissue Culture Cells
Featured Article
Using The ELx405 Select CW To Wash Loosely Adherent Tissue Culture Cells
The force of the dispensed fluid from conventional microplate washers often dislodges loosely adherent cells. The ELx405 Select CW Microplate Washer uses a unique dual fluid path to provide all of the functionality of the widely accepted ELx405 Select Microplate Washer...

Top News Stories
CytoGenix Antimicrobial Compound Is Active Against The Most Resistant Bacteria Strain
Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Company Releases New Fine Chemicals & Intermediates For Scale-Up And Production Catalog
White Paper: Diaphragm Valve Design To Assist In cGMP Compliance
Featured Products
The NOVOstar is an exciting new product for cell-based kinetic assays and research development. The NOVOstar offers the right equipment necessary for cell-based assays...

Hotpack 2100, 4100, 6100 Series Floor Model Washers
The Hotpack model 2100, 4100, 6100 floor model glassware washers offer high volume throughput of virtually all sizes of laboratory glassware utilizing Hotpack's exclusive independent triple plumbing system thus eliminating any contamination of the glassware...

Pilot Plant Testing Unit: Model C
The Model C membrane filtration pilot plant is a flexible unit for testing ceramic membranes on low pressure MF and UF applications. It can be configured to run higher pressure UF/NF applications as well as other tubular membrane...

Back Pressure Regulator
Thar's back pressure regulator (BPR) is state-of-the-art in back pressure control for supercritical fluids. It consists of a motor-driven heated valve assembly controlled by a microcontroller...

Pathlight VX
ADIC's Pathlight VX is the industry's first fully integrated solution designed to enhance your current backup and restore process by giving it the benefits of disk while retaining all of its long term data protection capabilities...

Industry Events
Introduction to GMP Compliance
November 15-16, 2004
San Francisco, CA

Part 11 Compliance
November 15-16, 2004
Raleigh, NC

Featured Download
Brochure: Protein Production
Althea Technologies offers the highest quality cGMP protein production services. From establishment of a Master Cell Bank to the final fill of your product, Althea applies extensive experience to consistently achieve project success...
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