Newsletter | June 1, 2004

6.1.04 -- Feature Article: Nova Biomedical And Sartorius BBI Systems Present An Educational Symposium: Optimization Of Cell Culture Processes
Featured Article
Nova Biomedical And Sartorius BBI Systems Present An Educational Symposium: Optimization Of Cell Culture Processes
This interactive symposium is intended for scientists and engineers performing cell culture processes at the research & development, process development, pilot, and production scale...

Top News Stories
Nikon's New DS-5Mc-U1 Digital Photomicrographic Camera System Enables Low Light Imagery Application Support
Cells From Fat Tissue Turned Into Functional Nerve Cells
RCT Hits Licensing Milestone For Essential Protein Expression Tool
Gamida-Cell's Early Pre-clinical Studies Indicate Expanded Population Of Stem Cells Successfully Reverses Diabetes
Featured Products
Synergy HT
This new microplate reader for fluorescence and absorbance measurements was designed with an emphasis on superior performance in both detection methods as well as sensitive glow luminescence measurements...

Modular Systems
The Hull Company combines people, technology, facilities, and experience to provide customized modular systems. Our ASME code shop can fabricate finished vessels...

General And Specialty Toxicology
The addition of Springborn Laboratories to the Charles River Discovery and Development Services team further expands our general and specialty toxicology capabilities...

MicroPrep 2
The MicroPrep 2 is a compact, high speed microcentrifuge with a swinging bucket rotor and optional fixed angle rotor...

5312 Desiccator Plate
Guaranteed unbreakable desiccator plate, with greater resistance to thermal shock than porcelain. Fire-polished, corrosion-resistant, inert, non-stick glass surface bonded to metal...

Industry Partners
BIOPHEX -- September 28-30, 2004, San Francisco
BIOPHEX delivers a unique perspective on the strategic and managerial issues that affect everyone in post-discovery drug development and manufacturing. The conference, produced by Genetic Engineering News, provides unsurpassed technical and strategic education targeted to help top-level bio/pharma managers and executives find the fastest way from post-discovery to market.

BIOMEQ -- Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Expo
Located in the world's largest AND strongest manufacturing regions, BIOMEQ 2004 is the premier platform for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging companies to showcase their products and services. Exhibitors generate immeasurable exposure to thousands of decision makers from leading biomedical and pharmaceutical companies while attendees discover the products they need to realize their scientific vision, or best bring their product to market.

Featured Download
Datasheet: Compartmental Analysis AS
Compartmental Analysis is a powerful general image analysis tool for quantitating intracellular intensity changes in specific sub-cellular regions across multiple fluorescent channels...
Industry Events
BIO 2004
June 6-9, 2004
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA

ISPE Washington Conference
June 7 - 10, 2004
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Arlington, VA

Symposium On Animal Models Of Type 2 Diabetes & Complications
Wednesday, June 9, 2004
The Rosen Plaza Hotel
Orlando, FL

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