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01.14.22 -- EPCIS Implementation In Biopharma: 4 Survey Takeaways & Next Steps For DSCSA Compliance

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Perspective On Continuous Processing: Trends, Drivers, And Strategies

Highlights from a recent forum featuring the leading minds in manufacturing discussing challenges, strategies, and barriers to new tech implementation in downstream processing. 

Viral Vectors, Vaccines: A New Era Of Collaborative Design

Companies often turn to CDMOs to bring vector-based products to market. So, it is important that they know how to assess a CDMO’s capabilities for helping them achieve their goals.

What You Need To Know About Phase-Appropriate Quality Requirements

A discussion on implementation of a phase-appropriate quality management system (QMS), the importance of starting early in the product development life cycle, and the advantages of a digital QMS over a manual approach.

How mRNA Technology Is Shaping The Future Of Medicine

Discover how mRNA technologies open the doors to a whole range of new gene therapies and the role of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) in current and future developments.

Droplet Digital PCR For Safe And Effective CAR T-Cell Therapies

Learn how quantifying CAR gene copies using droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) helps overcome some of the limitations of a qualitative PCR approach.

Liquid, Dry Powdered Media, And Advanced Granular Technologies

It's important to assess the cell culture media format that is most suitable for the current and future needs of your process by considering scalability, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.

Rationale Behind Just-In-Time (JIT) Component Suppliers In Biopharma

Teaming up with an external partner that has expertise in just-in-time inventory management minimizes risk when moving away from batch inventory replenishing.

Exosome Research Products Version 2 Guidebook

Exosomes have recently been attracting research interest. This guidebook is a useful resource for exosome researchers seeking high-purity isolation.

Optimizing Cell Growth In Shakers, Incubators, And Bioreactors

Culture shakers, incubators, and bioreactors are critical for optimizing and increasing cell growth to make influential research discoveries and produce vaccines and biomedicines.

Enhancing Bioavailability For Early Development-Phase Molecules
An agile, parallel, and cross-functional approach, powered by a silo-free organization structure, will help in bringing an effective dosage form to market faster. These tools and processes can help.
Protein A Resin For Antibody Fragment Purification

This technical poster discusses how an alkali stable protein A resin is used as a platform for fragment monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification to overcome downstream challenges associated with nonclassical antibody constructs.

Scale-Up Strategies: Mammalian, Microbial Process Commonalities

This webinar offers a general understanding of the concepts and tools required to successfully scale a process from bench to manufacturing.

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