News | July 8, 2014

Envirotainer Receives Full FAA Approval For The RKN e1 Container

Source: Envirotainer

Envirotainer has now received full approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the RKN e1 container.

The approval means that airlines based in the U.S., and any other country that recognizes FAA regulations, will now be able to conduct their own engineering assessment required to carry the RKN e1 container onboard their aircraft. Envirotainer has already acquired the necessary certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as well as other country specific regulatory authorities. With this FAA approval, the availability of the RKN e1 container will be further enhanced. This marks an important step in Envirotainer’s strive to provide the same offering and logistics model on a global basis.

Hands-on management
Prior to RKN e1 units being released into the market as being FAA approved, mandatory placards tags are required to be installed on the containers. We expect to finalize this process in the next few months, while interested airlines can complete their technical acceptance, a process that is dependent on their internal processes. We expect most acceptance processes to be completed within a two to six month period – with the first RKN e1 in the air on a US carrier in as little as two months.

RAP e2 container next in line
The application for an FAA approval of our RAP e2 container is a separate activity and the process for this approval will now be in focus. Through the approval of RKN e1, we have created a baseline for the RAP e2 application process, which therefore is assumed to be much more effective and shorter.

At Envirotainer, we place high priority on developing our products and services to best meet the future needs of the Active Cold Chain and its customers. Please contact your Envirotainer sales representative ( if you want to know more about the FAA approval, the engineering assessment or if you have any other query.

SOURCE: Envirotainer