Webinar | June 25, 2018

Driving Value In The Evolution Toward Continuous Monoclonal Antibody Processing

Source: MilliporeSigma

The biopharmaceutical industry is adopting a more strategic view toward monoclonal antibody manufacturing. There is a drive to develop processes with higher productivity and improved economics without sacrificing robustness or quality. Initiatives to achieve these goals through unit operation intensification, connected processing, and continuous processing have been a major focus and this trend will only accelerate.

Opportunities for process intensification exist throughout the entire monoclonal antibody process. With the implementation of perfusion-based operations from seed train to production bioreactors, and downstream technologies such as intensified capture chromatography, in-line virus inactivation, and flow-through polishing, a variety of scenarios for Mab production trains become apparent. In this presentation, we will identify several of these production scenarios with process modeling data to quantify the financial benefits and holistic value derived from the integration and intensification of Mab processes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The technologies being evaluated for upstream and downstream process intensification.
  • Options for integration of these technologies for Mab production.
  • Process and cost modeling for several process scenarios using intensification, connected, and continuous operations.