Newsletter | October 17, 2019

10.17.19 -- Drive Efficiencies With Single-Use Technologies

How To Overcome Validation Challenges In A Single-Use World
How can end users ensure the expected level of compliance in this new world of single-use systems? The secret: shared responsibility for validation with your supply chain.
Single-Use Systems For Storing And Shipping Frozen Drug Materials

The logistics of decoupling drug substance manufacturing from final drug product formulation is now possible using integrated single-use freeze-thaw assemblies that incorporate reliable components.

Extractables Testing On Single-Use Connectors

Appropriating Biophorum Operations Group (BPOG) testing on single-use connectors to mitigate the risks of extractables and leachables (E&L), as demonstrated in this article, is crucial to delivering safe and effective drugs.

Cell And Gene Therapies: SUT Connection Lessons From Biotech

Single-use (SUT) connection technologies are expected to play a critical role in commercial manufacturing of cell and gene therapies. Learn about the types of connection technologies and selection considerations.