Newsletter | February 3, 2023

02.03.23 -- Digital Solutions Optimize Facility And Asset Management In Biopharma

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Digital Solutions Optimize Facility And Asset Management In Biopharma

This webinar presents case studies from the pharma and biotech industry that show the use of digital solutions in asset performance and reliability.

Rapid mAb Purification Without A Liquid Chromatography Unit

We demonstrate three purification methods that provide alternative options to successfully purify a monoclonal antibody in under 30 minutes with yields greater than 95%.

Magnetic Bead Removal Using Microcarrier And Cell Separation System

The FDA has strict requirements for magnetic bead removal prior to therapeutic use. Learn how this system effectively separates cells from microcarriers and provides maximum cell recovery.

Novel Tool Box For EVs Therapy In Regenerative Medicine

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from mesenchymal stem cells are a promising therapeutic strategy in regenerative medicine. This app note illustrates the use of our PS affinity EVs isolation technology.

Advances In High-Throughput Upstream Process Development

Our expert authors explore temperature effects on product titer automated cell culture development workflows, maximizing DOE strategies, and data management.

Advances In Technology And Support For Direct-To-Patient (DTP) Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the embrace across the industry of decentralized clinical trials models, but these services have also introduced novel challenges and complications.

Considerations For Media And Mixing

Regardless of phase, media and mixing optimization can afford operators speed and efficiency for drug processing; likewise, failing to prioritize media preparation can compromise a process.

Improve Biopharma Fermentation With Innovation, Collaboration

Organizations developing products requiring fermentation often create custom processes from scratch, leaving room for inefficiencies, lost value, and, in the case of significant error, costly time delays.

Accelerating Antibody Drug Development

Learn more about the CaptureSelect antibody subdomain-specific affinity resins and how they address the purification challenges in therapeutic antibody development.

Improving Manufacturing Productivity At Abbott Nutrition

Abbott’s nutrition business manufactures a wide variety of science-based nutrition products. Here we review how the company uses Big Data and analytics to improve manufacturing productivity.

Fermentation Optimization: Using Comparative Statistics

Using a case study, the author demonstrates how comparative statistical analysis enabled his team to improve the yield of a component used in API synthesis by more than 2.5 x 108 U/batch.

Cell Food: How Smart Media Formulations Drive Cell Culture Performance

Efficient drug production through cell culture depends on the complex interplay between the drug molecule, the cell, and the process. How can you balance cell growth and productivity?

How Distributed Automation And DPM Support Resilient Biomanufacturing

Embracing digital transformation, when combined with biomanufacturing best practices, supports increased productivity and efficiency in a biomanufacturing environment. Learn how distributed automation and digital plant maturity support resilient biomanufacturing.

Cell & Gene Therapy Insights From An Expert

Application scientist Dr. Jorge Escobar Ivirico explains and underscores the key differences with the production of exosomes from other cellular therapies.

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