Article | June 28, 2018

Data Management: Are You Kidding Yourself? (Part Two)

Source: IDBS

By Laura Swift

Data Management: Are You Kidding Yourself? (Part Two)

In almost every facet of modern life, people are absent-mindedly producing and consuming data at an ever increasing speed.

But the staggering quantity of data that is generated and utilized by an R&D organization needs careful management and thoughtful consideration. Our analysis can only be as good as the data we have to support it. So, is your R&D data as good as it could be?

In this blog series, we explore what you need to look out for when it comes to R&D data production and lab data management. In ‘Part One’ we examined why we are not always as truthful with our organizations and ourselves as we should be, and how free/cheap doesn’t always mean financially efficient in data management processes.

Part Two looks at the importance of visibility and searchability in data as well as the proper implementation of a data management system.