Newsletter | July 29, 2020

07.29.20 -- Culture Media Market: Demand For Better Tech

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Can Your In-House Strategy Handle Uncertainties Of Biologics Development?

A company has to be able to withstand the highs and lows of biologics development. To avoid costly mistakes and wasted efforts, a company must prepare for surprises along the drug development pathway.

Can You Trust A Machine For Downstream Bioprocess Buffer Preparation?

Is automated buffer preparation a solution to the dilemma of balancing increased production capacity against limited footprint expansion alternatives?

The Race From Lab To Clinic: 5 Critical Steps To Success

While the fastest path is often tempting, the right path is to ensure product quality and viability while expediting the development timeline. These five steps are key to putting your molecule on the right path.

Current Perspectives On Biosimilars

Biosimilars typically have a shorter timeline for approval and can be developed at 20 percent the cost of the innovator. This paper covers the quality management system required for traceable, trackable data. 

Single-Use Automation: Unlock The True Potential Of Single-Use Tech

Discover how, through automation, it is possible to achieve data acquisition, process monitoring and control, and batch record generation, allowing more complex unit operations to be run in cGMP environments.

Challenges In Bulk Drug Substance Logistics: Overcoming The Hurdles

While technically simple to perform, the freeze-storage-thaw cycle comprises several mechanistic aspects that can compromise protein quality if not properly understood and addressed.

Got Data? Using Informatics To Protect And Improve Your Business

Life sciences companies are realizing benefits from informatics in manufacturing. Are you ready to use data and analytics to improve decision making? There are things you can do now to get started.

Boost Profits With Single-Use Powder Transfer In Biopharma Manufacturing

While media and buffer materials have been notorious contributors to airborne particulates and contamination in the past, they don’t have to be. 

Conductivity Testing Of Mixing Systems

This technical bulletin highlights the results of conductivity testing to characterize recirculation mixing performance of single-use systems deployed in QuaDrum rigid outer containers (ROCs).

Biologics Drug Substance And Drug Product Preferred Provider Use

ISR data shows the majority of those who outsource biologics drug substances and drug products use a preferred provider approach to outsourcing, and average about four CMOs on their lists.

A Single-Use, Integrated mAb Biosimilars Purification Platform

In biopharma, there's a shift toward higher productivity processes resulting in improved economics without compromising quality. Integrated continuous production technologies are gaining interest.