Newsletter | June 29, 2022

06.29.22 -- Clinical Supply Optimization And Comparator Local Sourcing Strategies

Clinical Supply Optimization: Process Improvement Accelerates Clinical Trial Deliverables And Execution

A global top 10 biopharmaceutical sponsor required the study start-up phase to be reduced to 91 days. Comparator sourcing and blinding, kitting, packaging, labeling, and distribution to the sites had to be executed within this short window.

Comparator Local Sourcing Strategies: Leveraging Advantages And Avoiding Common Pitfalls For Clinical Trials

The growing demand for comparators is causing many supply chain managers to explore available sourcing options. This white paper elaborates on alternative local sourcing strategies, including the advantages and disadvantages.

Considerations For Your First Clinical Trial: Minimize Risks In The Clinical Supply Chain

For a small and emerging biopharma, moving into the clinical trial phase of development can be overwhelming, and CROs do not typically manage the comprehensive clinical trial supply chain. Discover seven best practices to help ensure a successful trial.

What Every Clinical Team Should Consider Before Developing The Next Protocol: Putting Volunteers First

Renewed focus on patient centricity is a positive development, but it is time for biopharma companies to turn their attention to another audience without whom drug development would be impossible — clinical trial participants.