Application Note

Chromassette®: Examples Of Recently Tested Resins Suggest Wide Applicability Of The Technology

Source: JSR Life Sciences

Chromassette® is a modular chromatography technology that offers the separation capabilities of conventional chromatography plus the convenience, scalability and other benefits of a pre-packed cassette. Each Chromassette cassette is distinguished by a novel internal scaffold that provides consistent “wall support” to all resin beads. This enables high flow-rates to be used with any type of resin regardless of bead rigidity or bed volume. Unlike traditional columns, which scale-up non-linearly, the cassettes are 3-D printed in a form that allows for easy stacking and which enables resin volumes to scale linearly. Sizing the appropriate bed volume to match desired protein load is much easier to achieve with Chromassette. As a result, Chromassette can help attain high productivity in purification processes designed for single-use, rapid cycling, and continuous processing.