Application Note

Chromassette®: Equivalent Performance Of Individual And Stacked Cassettes

Source: JSR Life Sciences
Chromassette Stacked

Chromassette® is a stackable, pre-packed chromatography cassette with an internal lattice that supports the resin bed. It combines the separation capabilities of conventional chromatography resins with the benefits of a pre-packed, modular cassette format. The supported bed within the Chromassette allows very high flow rates to be used with all standard chromatography resins, including legacy and other “mechanically soft” resins which otherwise offer good capacity and selectivity. This enables up to 10-fold productivity improvements.

In addition, Chromassette cassettes allow very flexible scaling to meet capacity requirements and provide high convenience. Standard cassettes are available at 20 and 6 cm bed height. W hile 20 cm bed height is often considered a bench mark value for Protein A chromatography columns, shorter bed heights allow for even greater increases in productivity and throughput. Chromassette also allows for easy scale-up of these short bed height cassettes, while large scale columns with such short bed height are very challenging to pack.