Accelerate Production Of Recombinant Biologics With An Off-The-Shelf Cell Line Platform

Source: SAFC

SAFC Biosciences

Accelerate production of recombinant biologics with an off-the-shelf cell line platform that meets all your regulatory demands.

The CHOZN® Platform combines a fully characterized cell line with optimized media and feeds to streamline r-protein development. Powered by CompoZr® Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) technology, the world's first glutamine synthetase (GS) knockout CHO cell line underpins this ready-to-go system, which allows for elimination of MSX from your process.

Efficient Process Development and Manufacturing

  • Reduce development timelines by using a completely chemically defined process
  • Get robust cell growth courtesy of our ECACC CHO K1 parent
  • Rapidly develop recombinant cell lines thanks to strong metabolic selection of CHOZN GS-/-
  • Perform fewer screenings to find high producers
  • Scale up easily using cell lines, media and feeds optimized for fed-batch bioreactors
  • Follow detailed protocols and selection strategies to reliably arrive at production clones

Strong Compliance Pedigree

  • cGMP cell banks are fully traceable and tested for viruses
  • A complete history of the CHOZN GS-/- cell line is available to support regulated applications
  • Media and feeds are chemically defined and animal component-free
  • All primary and secondary raw material suppliers are approved through our rigorous vendor qualification program
  • Developed under ISO guidelines using quality-by- design principles