Application Note

Characterization And Engineering Performance Of The Allegro™ STR 1000 Single-Use Stirred Tank Bioreactor

Source: Pall Biotech
Pall: provider of filtration, purification and separation technologies

Currently, stirred tank reactors (STRs) represent the gold standard for the large scale growth of suspension cell lines. Cell culture performance is strongly influenced by the efficiency of bulk fluid mixing and the oxygen mass transfer coefficient (kLa). The success of traditional stainless steel STR systems lies in their impeller driven agitation that can deliver a wide range of power inputs to the fluid. The Allegro range of single-use stirred tank bioreactors have a directly driven impeller, which allows a wide range of power inputs to be achieved.

In this application note the performance of the Allegro STR 1000 bioreactor in terms of mixing, mass transfer (oxygen mass transfer and CO2 stripping efficiency) and temperature control is demonstrated. The Allegro STR 1000 bioreactor is a geometric scale-up of the Allegro STR 200 bioreactor and has been designed to provide scalable engineering parameters. Therefore, the comparison of the mixing and mass transfer between the two bioreactors is presented.