Newsletter | October 18, 2021

10.18.21 -- Cell Culture Media: Partners Poised To Meet Demand



Media Development And The Multi-omics Difference: Creating More Precise Cell Culture Media For Improved Results

Applying proteomics and metabolomics analyses to the optimization of a cell culture media can offer superior insights over a traditional spent media approach. Learn about the difference and opportunities from case study examples. Is a multi-omics approach right for your next media development project? Find out details and how it could help increase cell line productivity, protein quality and process cost efficiencies.

Knowing Your Cell Culture Media

Lack of consistency in cell culture media can create variation in your upstream process. To control cell culture media variability and ensure quality worldwide, we have implemented a robust supply process that incorporates three key attributes: a global raw material and vendor management program, a global quality management system, and a consistent manufacturing network.

Impact Of A Chemically Defined Medium For Vero Cells Cultivation And Virus Production For Vaccine Applications

In the race to create serum-free, chemically defined media, research efforts have focused on identifying the elements required for superior growth performance. This include growth factors, hormones, carrier proteins, lipids, transition metals, vitamins, polyamines, and adhesion factors. This application note describes 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10, a new Vero cell medium that is serum-free, chemically defined, and animal component-free. 4Cell® NutriVero™ Flex 10 delivers performance that matches conventional media with undefined hydrolysate supplementation.

Hyclone Cell Culture Serum Products

Consistent secure supply - Our global manufacturing and distribution footprint as well as our diversified serum supply network offer the high level of security of supply customers expect.

Identify Variations In Dry And Liquid CHO Media

In this comparison of dry and liquid CHO media composition, differences of up to 20% on various components are shown, with liquid media containing higher concentrations that then dry media. CHO media composition can significantly impact cell production and growth at these levels.

Stax™ mAx Clarification Platform

Robust, high performance cell culture clarification. The Stax mAx clarification platform is a single-use, robust, depth filtration solution for the economic clarification of monoclonal antibody cell cultures without the need for centrifugation or process additives.

Get To Market Faster With The Opto™ CLD Workflow On The Beacon® System

Find out how the Opto™ Cell Line Development workflow sets a new standard for quality, capacity, and speed in cell line development to let BioPharma get more molecules to the clinic faster.

Avantor Seradigm Sera Products

Cell culture experts everywhere are discovering how well their cells thrive on nutritionally superior sera from Avantor Seradigm, making it the fastest growing, global sera brand in the market. Saredigm's unique collection and manufacturing techniques preserve more of the naturally-occuring growth factors in sera that cells require to thrive.

Bio-Techne Cell Culture Media Services

Cell culture media is important. Let the experts make it for you. Our capabilities include media or supplement production, GMP media production, media formula optimization, custom labeling, and assays for testing media using stem cells, immune cells, and other cell lines.

High-Intensity Perfusion CHO Medium: Get High Titers With A Variety Of CHO Cell Lines

Gibco™ High-Intensity Perfusion (HIP) CHO Medium is formulated to provide exceptional performance in perfusion processes. It supports high cell density of more than 100 million cells/mL at 1 vessel volume/day (VVD) continuous perfusion. This high-performing medium is supported by the largest global manufacturing network, so you can focus on getting your product to market.