Newsletter | February 19, 2021

02.19.21 -- Cell Culture Media: Partners Poised To Meet Demand

Single-Use Vessels For Cell Culture: BioBLU® c And BioBLU p

Combine the benefits of single-use bioreactor technology with the reliable performance of conventional glass or stainless steel bioreactors – Discover the Eppendorf BioBLU product line.

Avantor Seradigm Sera Products

Cell culture experts everywhere are discovering how well their cells thrive on nutritionally superior sera from Avantor Seradigm, making it the fastest growing, global sera brand in the market. Saredigm's unique collection and manufacturing techniques preserve more of the naturally-occuring growth factors in sera that cells require to thrive.

Gibco Media And Feeds Selection Guide

Navigate to the catalog media and supplements that work best with your specific cell line. Identify your cell line, select your medium, feed and supplements to boost titer. All designed to provide a superior outcome.

Hyclone Cell Culture Serum Products

Consistent secure supply - Our global manufacturing and distribution footprint as well as our diversified serum supply network offer the high level of security of supply customers expect.

Cell Line Development Toolbox For The Development Of Intensified CHO Processes

Intensified process formats promise improved cost efficiency in biotherapeutics production through lower cost of goods and increased plant flexibility. CHO clones from traditional cell line development differ in responsiveness to process intensification, so efficient approaches for selecting suitable clones and developing associated USP processes are needed.

Cellvento® 4CHO-X

Cellvento® CHO media are designed to support growth and maintenance of specific CHO cell lines in suspension cell culture for expression of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. The new Cellvento® 4CHO-X Expansion Medium supports cell expansion including N-1 perfusion for Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines.


Frozen liquids need to be transported from A to B... we enable it! With the use of our technology, biopharmaceutical companies in the area of Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) and Personalized Medicine can minimize the risk of bio contamination, manipulation or product loss towards 0%.