Newsletter | September 17, 2020

09.17.20 -- CDMO Selection, Outsourcing Drivers, And More

Trends In Bioprocessing CDMO Selection

The process of CDMO selection can be intimidating, even for large companies with big budgets and dedicated staff. Learn which CDMO characteristics experienced outsourcers value most from this report showing the top selection metrics over the last five years.

Revealing Response To A Hypothetical Question About Outsourcing Services

If you were in charge of establishing a bioprocessing contract manufacturing business, what service provider attributes would you ensure your company excelled at? Here's how your peers responded.

Small Molecule Drug Substance Outsourcing Drivers

Forty two outsourcers from small biopharma companies were surveyed to find out how they would characterize their company’s main driver for working with CMOs on small molecule drug substance manufacturing work. The vast majority, 86 percent, reported using CMOs for all of their manufacturing needs.