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01.14.19 -- Cardiac Stem Cell Controversy: 3 Important Lessons Learned

Featured Editorial
Cardiac Stem Cell Controversy: 3 Important Lessons Learned
By Sarah Blunt, PA Consulting

Over the past 20 years hope has grown around the use of stem cells to enhance regeneration following a heart attack, wherein stem cells would facilitate tissue repair and help restore heart muscle function. However, the legitimacy of cardiac stem cell research is now being called into question.

Are Regulatory Agencies Prepared For A Rapidly Aging Population?
By Marinka Tellier, NSF Health Sciences

Despite changing demographics in aging populations, regulatory guidance specific to drug development for geriatrics has been limited, with guidances dating back to the 1990s.

Industry Insights
A Case Study In Real-Time Release Testing
Case Study | By Juan L. Torres, Ph.D., Biogen

Real-time release testing can be defined as a set of in-process controls that may provide greater assurance of product quality than end-product testing.

Embracing Biosimilars, They Are Here To Stay
Article | By Günter Jagschies, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

The biosimilars market is suddenly booming, with established biopharma giants and nimble startups all clamoring for a piece of the action. But such steep competition means that only the wise will survive.

Powerful Tools For Downstream Process Development: Mixed-Mode Resins/Multimodal Chromatography
Article | Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

With their unique separation behaviors and tolerance for relatively high salt concentrations, mixed-mode resins have become important tools in the process developer’s toolbox.

What Will Drive Biologics Market Growth?
Infographic | ISR Reports

In Q2,2018, ISR surveyed drug innovators who outsource bioprocessing/biologic API manufacturing to learn their thoughts on what will have the greatest impact on market growth over the next five years.

Implementing A Holistic Approach To The Prevention Of Mycoplasma Contaminations

January 15, 2019 | 3:00 pm London, 10:00 am New York

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