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06.22.22 -- CAR T-Cell Therapies Still Face Major Hurdles In Treatment Of Solid Tumors

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Biodegradable Polymers For Parenteral Drug Delivery

Long-acting, complex drug delivery products, particularly those based on injectable microparticles, nanoparticles, and implants, are among the most attractive parenteral products.

The Path To A Secure Supply Chain: 10 Questions To Ask

API supply is all about balancing risk. Preparing to ask and answer these 10 questions can provide clarity and confidence. Discover how to diversify your API supply chain.

Particle Engineering For Inhalation Drug Delivery

This article discusses key parameters for choosing the right particle engineering approach to meet dry powder inhaler (DPI) target product profiles for inhalation-based drug products.

Logistics, Transport Challenges Require Complex Solutions

The pandemic created additional obstacles for the clinical supply chain. Ensuring continued clinical trial operation requires an optimal management solution for clinical material supply.

Crystallization Process Dev: Ramping Up Bench-Scale Control

Since physical structure and biological activity are directly linked, controlling the physical form of a compound is paramount to a final drug product’s quality and effectiveness.

Standardizing Viral Vector Manufacturing, Producer Cell Line Development

The TRiP System allows suppression of transgene expression during upstream processes, resulting in enhanced vector yield and purity, simplifying downstream processes.

Variables Impacting Cell And Gene Therapy Development Success

Explore four key interconnected variables exerting pressure on therapeutics developers to improve their processes earlier in the product’s development.

White Paper: Understanding The 505(b)(2) Approval Pathway

Explore how the 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway can help drug developers gain approval for new drugs in a fraction of the time and cost required by traditional paths.

Single-Use Bag Particle Testing To Ensure Surface Cleanliness

This application note explains the use a liquid particle counter to qualify the cleanliness of single-use 2D bag assemblies.

Industrialization And Scale-Up Of Drug Delivery System

A pharma company and its product design partner were in need of a contract manufacturer able to support the device development, injection molding, tooling, logistics, and scale-up automation strategy. 

Process Development: Ensuring A Consistent, High-Quality Biologic

It is critical that biopharma companies work with a partner that has the proven expertise to conduct drug product process development on their innovator or biosimilar drugs.

Cryopreservation's Impact On Cell Therapy Consistency, Quality

Explore the underpinning mechanisms driving freeze/thaw applications and their implications across varied drug product containment configurations and volumes.

pDNA Manufacturing: An Optimized Platform Process

Explore a platform purification process that addresses the main challenges in the large-scale manufacturing of pDNA, such as scalability, quantity, and quality, as well as pDNA analytics.

Effective, Efficient Downstream Purification For Plasmid DNA

This webinar describes a complete solution encompassing all downstream unit operations, from harvest to bulk filtration, and includes a comprehensive case study. Now available on demand!

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