Newsletter | June 29, 2020

06.29.20 -- Business Of Biotech: Leaving The Incubator With Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues

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Solutions To Today’s Biomanufacturing Challenges

With more complex molecules in development, changing capacity needs, uncertain forecasts, and increased competition, the market demands flexibility and innovative approaches to today’s challenges.

Achieving Operational Efficiency In Today’s Fragmented Market

Meeting the goals of today’s industry requires a deeper look at how to continuously achieve maximum utilization and reduce waste without sacrificing quality in the race to be first to market. 

How The Integration Of CDMO And CRO Services Benefits Everyone

The integration of CDMO services with CRO analytical testing enables high-quality biologics products, speed-to-market, greater flexibility, and no dependence on external service providers.

Increasing Transparency And Confidence Through Real-Time Data Sharing

A digital transformation of biomanufacturing offers a new path for continuous monitoring and optimization of process performance, which would ultimately lead to greater efficiency in drug production.

Quality Assurance And Your CDMO

The result of regulatory compliance with quality standards is binary, but the processes employed to get there don't need to be rigid, inefficient, and expensive. Learn how innovation drives efficiencies.

Can mRNA Disrupt The Biopharma Industry?

mRNA has the potential to revolutionize the field of vaccine development. However, it is critical we understand any factors that could impact its successful entry into today’s market.

Considerations For Upstream Biologics Development

A biologics candidate's path from DNA to drug-in-vial is long and complex. These considerations might simplify and improve the economics of the process, helping molecules get to market as quickly as possible.

Are You Prepared For The Complexity Of Pediatric Drug Development?

Pediatric drug development requires a formulation designed to fit the specific needs of that patient population. Not considering these requirements early enough could add significant delays.

Recirculation Flow Testing A Biocontainer

A common challenge of using rocker bioreactors in perfusion mode is the transfer of air into the recirculation pathway. Here, a new anchored dip tube designed to prevent the problem is evaluated.

Manufacturing And Economic Concerns In Vaccine Development

Disease prevalence and the emergence of new ones is driving development of novel drugs and vaccines. This Q&A gives a better sense of the manufacturing and economic issues involved in vaccine development.

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