Increase Efficiency And Compliance For The Entire Biologics Development Workflow

Source: Dassault Systemes Americas

Managing and leveraging biologics data, especially in development, is challenging as experimentation generates a large amount and wide variety of complex data while scientists must track genealogies within this complex stream of data to arrive at an end entity. BIOVIA’s integrated Biologics Development solutions satisfy these requirements, supporting customers in their efforts to efficiently and compliantly manage biologics data. It provides a fully integrated solution to support the entire development process, including the characterization of substances, the development of formulations, the scale-up of manufacturing, and all related testing. It functions as an integration hub, increasing efficiency and compliance for the entire biologics development information workflow from the development of recipes and methods to biologics registration.

The Biologics Development solutions from BIOVIA ultimately helps scientists make better decisions more quickly, driving innovation and reducing cycle times to bring compliant biotherapeutics to market faster.