Newsletter | November 19, 2020

11.19.20 -- Bioprocessing 4.0: The Digital Evolution Of Biomanufacturing

Addressing The Evolving Information And Automation Needs Of Biopharma

A dramatic increase in the amount of information that is available, in parallel with a reduction in the cost of obtaining, processing, and transmitting information, is changing the way biopharmaceutical manufacturers operate. Access to information, and, more importantly, strategic use of it, can give a company a competitive advantage.

Next-Generation Monitoring Of Bioprocessing To Enable Smart Data Management And Analysis

Every step of the bioprocess life cycle generates a massive amount of data at an incredibly fast rate. Given the need to collect and fluidly handle massive amounts of data being generated with tremendous velocity, a new approach to data management is essential. A new platform that includes digital technologies/data management, process analytical technologies, and intensified processing will drive next-generation bioprocessing.

How Data Analytics Accelerates Transition To Bioprocessing 4.0

Following successful Industry 4.0 implementation in the automotive, communications, aerospace, and other industries, the biopharma industry is now joining the digital revolution.

Leveraging The 4 Cs To Deliver Bioprocessing 4.0

Biomanufacturers are facing immense pressures to increase their productivity and deliver high-quality biotherapies to market faster. This article explains the “4 Cs” of Biopharma 4.0 — the software, automation, and analytics tools that provide interconnection, information transparency, and decentralized decision-making.  

The Intersection Of Advanced Process And Digital Technologies

As Industry 4.0 principles are applied to the biomanufacturing arena and innovative digital technologies emerge, one might refer to the phenomenon as “convergent bioprocessing.”