Catalog | October 29, 2012

BioProcess Product Guide

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

At GE Healthcare Life Sciences, we understand you want confidence in your decisionmaking as early as possible. Our aim is to help you and your bioprocessing teams, at every step, to bring drugs to market in a faster, simpler, more reliable and cost effective manner – according to your plan.

Our technologies and products for efficient upstream and downstream processing, include the ReadyToProcess platform of single-use products, PreDictor formats for highthroughput process development, MabSelect media for monoclonal antibody purification, Capto media for ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and multi-modal separations, AxiChrom columns, WAVE Bioreactor cell culture systems, ÄKTA chromatography and filtration systems, services and education.

GE Healthcare continues to develop quality products, services, and platform technologies that enable rapid process development and efficient production of biopharmaceuticals.
Our solutions support the manufacture of biomolecules, including plasma proteins, recombinant proteins, antibodies, and recombinant viral vectors for biopharmaceutical therapy. We provide comprehensive solutions to support you at every step, from research to market.