Newsletter | May 21, 2020

05.21.20 -- Bioprocess Cold Chain: Solutions To Increase Yields And Reduce Risk

High-Density Cell Banking

High-density cell banking accelerates the upstream process by providing a much larger volume of concentrated cells at the start of a production run. Watch this webinar to find out how to jump-start your bioreactor and shorten the seed training process from weeks to days.

Advantages Of Single-Layer Film Vs. Multilayer Film In Bioprocessing

Speed and flexibility are critical to succeed in the bioprocessing market. This article takes a closer look at plastic storage bags for bioprocessing applications, the challenges associated with them, and technology developments to address these challenges. Specifically, it focuses on materials that enable a shift from multilayer to single-layer storage solutions.

Low-Temperature Solutions For Bioprocess Applications

This webinar discusses the needs and changing requirements of standard equipment and processes to handle lower temperatures and explains the importance of having a complete, cold-resistant solution of bags, tubing, connectors, and shells for freeze/ship/thaw processes.

Cold-Chain Bioprocessing: Mitigate Risk, Protect Biopharma Products

Many monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), vaccines, and other biotherapeutics must be reliably stored and transported at subzero temperatures, requiring a robust cold chain that continues throughout downstream processing. This article demonstrates how proper implementation of single-use technology is the key to success.

Resilient Plastics In The Cold Chain

Single-use plastics are susceptible to the cold temperatures required to keep biologics inert, leading to bag failure and product loss in cold supply chains. Single-layer films are changing the game.