Newsletter | February 1, 2023

02.01.23 -- Biologics Development: Narrow Down Your Candidates With Dynamic Light Scattering

What Dynamic Light Scattering Says About Your Protein Therapeutic

When applied to protein samples, data derived from dynamic light scattering (DLS) provides useful insights into the stability of your proteins. Learn about the physical phenomenon behind DLS and how it provides a deeper understanding of your protein’s behavior.

4 Biologics Development Experiments Improved With Dynamic Light Scattering

During the development of your biologics, many different types of experiments require a detailed characterization of your candidates for you to predict which ones will succeed as therapeutics. Learn how to apply information from dynamic light scattering measurements to support your decision-making process for several experiments of biologics development.

The Biologics Researcher's Guide To Dynamic Light Scattering

A thorough stability assessment of your biologics candidates during early development is crucial to identify and prevent potential downstream issues such as aggregation or loss of function from unfolding. Learn about dynamic light scattering, a powerful method to characterize the purity and aggregation state of your biologics, and how it helps improve your candidates’ selection process.

How Merck Achieves Better Developability Assessment

Understanding how therapeutic proteins behave at higher concentrations is crucial for ensuring their ultimate success in the clinic. Read how Merck KGaA uses light-scattering measurements with Prometheus Panta to prioritize candidates and improve their outcomes.

Accelerate Stability Studies To Optimize An Antigen For HIV-Vaccine Research

Walk through the process of selecting your optimal buffer for a vaccine antigen, including analyzing stress conditions with dynamic light scattering (DLS), using DLS to validate epitope integrity and antibody binding to the antigen, and discovering which single tool can be used to conduct multiple experiments for buffer optimization.

Four Integrated Technologies For Biologics Developability Assessment

The decisions you make about your biologics candidates early in the pipeline ultimately affect their success as therapeutics. See how the Prometheus Panta instrument and four integrated technologies — nanoDSF, DLS, SLS, and backreflection — provide high-quality sizing and stability information about your biologics’ developability.

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