AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe®

Source: AT&T

Maximize visibility of your supply chain and improve transport operations of valuable cargo using AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe®, a turnkey application that allows you to monitor and track global assets using near real-time location and sensor information.

With AT&T Cargo View, you can:

  • Instantly respond to time-critical and temperature-sensitive situations to mitigate risks of delays and disruptions
  • Eliminate the expense, time and effort of manually searching for and replacing lost shipments
  • Improve your customer communication and service levels via access to near real-time data
  • Optimize your supply chain processes, using historical data from past shipments to improve control over transportation operations

Monitor shipments in the air with exclusive AT&T FlightSafe®

Track and monitor precious cargo on land, sea, and even in the air with a single device. The FlightSafe® feature, included with AT&T Cargo View enables the intelligent operation of “automatic airplane mode” during flight so that devices travel in a safe and FAA compliant mode on aircraft, whether the journey takes hours or days. When the aircraft lands, the device transmits all of the data collected while on board the aircraft.

Easy and powerful Cargo monitoring and tracking

Keep it simple when shipping with AT&T Cargo View. Just pack the AT&T device inside the box or container with your freight. Upon arrival, return the device to the charging rack for your next shipment.

Stay informed about the condition and location of cargo in transit, using the AT&T Cargo View cloud-based software. You can view and control a rich array of information about your shipments, and set customizable alerts and geofences to make you aware of events so that you can quickly respond to disruptions.