Newsletter | April 29, 2021

04.29.21 -- Assure Scalability, Overcome Regulatory Hurdles, And Speed Time To Clinic

Assure Scalability, Overcome Regulatory Hurdles, And Speed Time-To-Clinic

The speed and quantity at which novel vaccines, therapeutics, and candidates are currently entering into clinical development is unparalleled. When partnering with a CDMO, first dive deeper into their manufacturing programs to get the specifics.

Critical Factors Of Fill/Finish Manufacturing For Large Molecules

The industry has entered a new era of drug development with the explosion of the biologics market. However, large molecules generally require special handling procedures for the bulk drug substance, formulation, and sterile filtering and filling of the final drug product, forcing changes at nearly every level of the manufacturing process.

Is Your Complex Formulation Process Set Up For Success?

When pursuing a drug delivery system that involves a complex formulation, you must be prepared for the requirements to achieve successful scale-up and manufacturing. Discover six major types of complex formulations as well as the necessary equipment and processes to develop GMP-compliant formulations.

Featured Webinar
Plasmid Manufacturing For Gene Therapy: An Outsourcing Partnership

On May 11, 2021, join Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services as they discuss the importance of optimizing, scaling up, and manufacturing plasmids and how their capabilities in cGMP production of biotherapeutics enables a strong, client-focused partnership.