Newsletter | June 8, 2021

06.08.21 -- Are You Ready For BioPharma 4.0?

High-Throughput Data Management In CLD And Cell Culture Process Development

The bottleneck just shifted from running as many experiments as possible to understanding them. Only now are companies starting to realize that even the current generation of modern lab informatics is unable to truly harness the full potential of high-throughput. Simply put, high-throughput process development requires high throughput data management.

Transforming Your Bioanalytical Operations

The diverse nature of the individual steps in a given bioanalytical workflow requires a high level of accountability and traceability. While advances in detection techniques and instrumentation have vastly improved sample throughput, there is room for improvement when it comes to the myriad of processes that drive sample analysis. 

Why You Need To Digitally Transform Your R&D Organization

Despite many companies considering digital transformation a top priority, research shows that 70% of digital transformation initiatives fail. This e-book explores why and explains how the right approach can see your organization succeed.

Are You Buying An Informatics System For Your R&D?

With a smooth and streamlined workflow, a suitable digital informatics system can help disseminate data and improve data searches. This white paper starts by discussing the disjointed workflow arising from trying to integrate different digital informatics systems, followed by the consolidated approach where all systems from one vendor are integrated into one suite.

Why Is Communication In Biopharma Failing?

When collaborating with external partners, a biopharma company must anticipate communication challenges related to a large volume and variety of documents, regulation-compliant storage of data, and real-time visibility and control. This paper shows how an online collaboration system can bring all contract organizations together with the biopharma company while overcoming challenges.