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Are You Buying An Informatics System For Your R&D?

Source: IDBS
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Before mass-producing and launching a product into the market, R&D is a crucial stage that often involves numerous tasks and generates an enormous amount of data. If all data from a big project are recorded in hard copies, a large pile of paper can not only take up a considerable amount of physical space, but also make it difficult to retrieve data.

With the Internet and maturing cloud technology, digitization has permeated both everyday and professional lives, including R&D data storage. In 2018, the electronic  lab notebook market was estimated at $269.9M with an expected compound annual growth rate of 10.1% from 2019 to 2027. With such a burgeoning trend, R&D departments have increasingly migrated from paperback notebooks to digital informatics systems when storing their laboratory data. With a smooth and streamlined workflow, a suitable digital informatics system can help disseminate data and improve data searches. Moreover, an intuitive system design leads to ease of use, which boosts productivity and efficiency.

To suit the various needs of sub-units within a big R&D department, users may combine different digital informatics systems. However, this is a mistake as the different systems often cannot communicate with each other, which creates unnecessary bottlenecks.

This white paper starts by discussing the disjointed workflow arising from trying to integrate different digital informatics systems, followed by the consolidated  approach where all systems from one vendor are integrated into one suite. We then explore why it is also important to examine the existing processes in the R&D department when engaging on the digitization journey.

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