Newsletter | July 3, 2019

07.03.19 -- Are Off-Site, Modular Biopharma Facilities Right For You?

Featured Editorial
Are Off-Site, Modular Biopharma Facilities Right For You?
By Hector M. Samper, principal and strategic advisor, Global Strategic Sourcing Solutions (GSSS)

Off-site construction and modularization hold tremendous potential to drive agility and speed-to-market, but pharma and biotech companies need to thoroughly understand the modular process to evaluate its merits and develop an early execution plan. 

Virtual Patient Registries: Real-World Evidence For Cell And Gene Therapies
By Sarah Blunt, PA Consulting

Well-designed and high-performing patient registries are powerful tools that can strengthen the clinical case for a therapy and bolster patient engagement, helping companies to overcome the challenges facing novel therapies in the cell and gene space.

Industry Insights
Cryopreservation, Cell Thawing Process Development Parameters
Article | By G. John Morris, GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Which parameters really matter for cell therapy process development? G. John Morris, CEO Asymptote, part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences, discusses the evidence in this blog post.

Integrated Continuous Manufacturing Of Biologics: Trends In The Field
Q&A | By Randi Hernandez, Eppendorf

Pioneers in continuous biomanufacturing ponder which companies will incorporate continuous manufacturing first — and which “hot-button” implementation questions still require attention and clarification.

2,000 L Single-Use Bioreactor Evaluation
Application Note | Thermo Fisher Scientific

The stirred-tank reactor is the most commonly utilized in biotechnology. Learn more about the HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactor (SUB), a stirred-tank reactor for animal cell culture with the advantage of utilizing completely single-use product contact surfaces.

Biosafety Considerations For Single-Use Bioreactors
White Paper | Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Single-use bioreactors are increasingly used to perform mammalian cell cultures in commercial manufacturing applications. Learn how they address key industry challenges by decreasing time-to-market, reducing validation efforts, increasing flexibility, reducing investment costs, and optimizing cost of goods.

Intensified Perfusion: How A High-Density Cell Culture Medium Impacts Upstream Productivity And Economics
Webinar | MilliporeSigma

Explore the economic benefits of using a cell culture medium designed specifically for perfusion processes and the proactive risk measures suppliers need to take to facilitate the manufacturer’s business continuity and product quality.

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