ÄKTAcrossflow™ Automated Cross Flow Filtration

Source: Cytiva
ÄKTAcrossflow™ Automated Cross Flow Filtration For Process Development

ÄKTAcrossflow™ is the first fully automated system for cross flow filtration process development and is ideal for filter screening and process optimization at small-scale.

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Datasheet: ÄKTAcrossflow™ Automated Cross Flow Filtration For Process Development

ÄKTAcrossflow together with UNICORN™ control software puts you in control of your cross flow process to allow consistent simulation of large-scale conditions and provide data for comprehensive analysis of results. The benefits of working with ÄKTAcrossflow include:

  • Broad range of applications that cover ultrafiltration and microfiltration
  • Flexible operation of either hollow fiber cartridges or cross flow cassettes
  • Thorough and efficient process development with full TMP and flux scouting
  • Single familiar UNICORN interface for both chromatography and membrane separations
  • No disruption to proteins or cells with low shear force pumps that require no cooling
  • Minimum working volume of 25 ml ensures operation of complete processes using filters between 40 cm2 and 150 cm2

ÄKTAcrossflow consists of the separation unit, a computer with flat-screen monitor and UNICORN software. The compact, bench-top system is suitable for installation in laboratories, which reduces facility expenditure. The sanitary design means that it can formally qualify for use in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) processes.