Newsletter | April 23, 2019

04.23.19 -- Addressing The Challenges Of Next-Generation Biotherapeutics

Biopharma's Talent Crunch: How To Gain And Retain Skilled Labor In A Growing Industry

Advances in bioprocessing over the last couple of decades have resulted in an increasingly complex and diverse biopharma market with new opportunities to treat unmet medical needs. What strategies should your company consider for recruiting, training, and retaining qualified candidates in order to remain competitive in a burgeoning biopharma market?

Cell Therapy Manufacturing: The Supply Chain Challenge

Overcoming the challenges of manufacturing and administering a complex product to any patient is critical for delivering cell therapies. Here two industry experts provide practical advice on strategies to meet supply chain challenges.

De-Mystifying And De-Risking Process Development Through Early Engagement With A CDMO

For many cell and gene therapy (CGT) companies, translating a potentially curative therapy from a new biological concept into a scalable and manufacturable product is the largest challenge to commercial success. Learn how CDMOs can help companies get started in the world of CGT manufacturing while considering timing of engagement to maximize commercial and clinical success.

Bispecific Antibody Purification: Insights And Case Studies

New modalities, like bispecific antibodies, present unique challenges compared to mAb production. For purification, there’s not just one right answer to which strategy to use. Here are some industry insights to help you navigate the bispecific jungle.