Newsletter | October 5, 2021

10.05.21 -- Accelerating Biologics Development And Economizing Distribution

Saving Development Time And Economizing Distribution With A Single-Vendor Approach

When planning to scale up for clinical production, many companies work with multiple CDMOs to ensure supply chain stability. This strategy can take time and focus away from the primary objective — preparing the drug for trials.

Growing Your Biopharma: Ten Questions You’re Likely To Face From Investors — And How To Respond To Them

In building your new drug program, investors are betting on you to effectively manage development. Answering their questions well increases the likelihood of receiving support for your company’s vision.

Strategic CDMO Partnerships: Leveraging Infrastructure Investments And Innovation To Accelerate Biologics Development

Keeping pace with the market dynamics transforming the biologics space requires a focus on innovation and access to the integrated resources necessary to support it.

Five Ways To Get To IND/IMPD Faster

How do you get to IND/IMPD faster without sacrificing quality and future commercialization goals? Our experts share a few considerations when thinking about accelerating and optimizing your early development process.