Newsletter | September 28, 2022

09.28.22 -- Accelerate Your Biotherapeutic Development To Reach Patients Sooner

Evaluating CAR Expression On CAR T Cells Using Fluorokines™

One of the current challenges in the field of CAR-T cell therapy is the lack of a simple assay to easily detect and quantify chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) expression following T-cell transduction. Read this white paper to learn about the advantages of using R&D Systems™ fluorescent-labeled proteins to directly stain and detect CAR+ cells by flow cytometry. Data is presented showing that Fluorokines are compatible with antibody panels for characterizing CAR-T cells by multicolor flow cytometry.


Assessing Critical Quality Attributes In hiPSCs: Colony Morphology Matters

Morphology of hPSC colonies is one of the most commonly monitored indicators of cell colony quality because it is easily observed during routine culture handling. We explain the differences between high-quality and low-quality colony morphology and how to overcome the challenges of spontaneous differentiation.

Quantify Secreted T-Cell Activation Markers

Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform offer a rapid and precise assessment of secreted T-cell activation markers to boost cell therapy development and manufacturing. Precision multiplexing made simple.

CE-SDS Just Got 5x Faster

Fast CE-SDS analysis with great data quality — once a dream — is now a reality! With Turbo CE-SDS get high-quality size analysis in as little as 5.5 minutes for high-throughput applications.

Simple Western Unravels The Signaling Web In Stem Cells For Regenerative Medicine

Achieve accurate and quantitative analysis of stem cell signaling networks with Simple Western. Learn how to detect total and phosphorylated proteins, plus normalize by total protein with just 3uL of sample and just three-hour run times. Gain the unrivaled sensitivity, reproducibility, and flexible multiplexing needed in cell therapy manufacturing workflows.