Newsletter | April 12, 2021

04.12.21 -- Accelerate Viral Detection From Weeks To Days

Evaluating Viral Clearance For Continuous Processes

Is viral clearance a hurdle to implementing continuous processing? This webinar shares virus spiking alternatives that may pave the way for effectively evaluating viral clearance by chromatography steps in a continuous process.

Measuring Interactions Between Fc Regions Of mAbs And Fc Receptors

An important characteristic of an antibody is its Fc effector function, and antibodies are now being engineered for optimal binding to Fc receptors expressed on effector cells. It is crucial to evaluate the binding interaction of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with Fc receptors in the early phase of drug development to understand the potential biological activity of the product in vivo.

How Biosafety Testing Will Evolve To Meet The Needs Of Biologics Manufacturers Tomorrow

Where we see almost daily innovation in production technologies, many of the methods used for biosafety testing are decades old. This webinar explores how new methods can be used to accelerate biosafety testing today.

Early Product Characterization De-Risks Biologics Development

The relationship between physicochemical profile and biological activity — and how this relationship affects clinical performance — is key to making informed decisions, accelerating development, and reducing risk.

Accelerate CHO Cell Characterization With The Blazar Rodent Panel: A Guide For Adoption

As part of the characterization package for biological products derived from cell lines, the manufacturing cell bank must be assessed for the presence of viral contamination. The development of the Blazar Rodent Panel allows biopharma to move away from traditional in vivo antibody production assays when characterizing cell banks of rodent origin used in the production of biologicals.