Newsletter | November 21, 2022

11.21.22 -- AAV Manufacturing: Dual-Plasmid Transfection System Improves Titer & Product Quality

rAAV Bioreactor Titer Of >1E15 vg/L With Plasmid Transient Transfection

The pursuit of higher rAAV productivity for transient transfection has led to increased focus on the factors that influence the upstream processing. A high cell density process with a novel transfection method has been developed to improve bioreactor vector genome (vg) productivity.

Transfection System Improves Titer, Product Quality In AAV Manufacturing

The new system has consistently demonstrated improved productivity and product quality across multiple serotypes, and it can be leveraged to obtain significant process gains in the manufacturing pathways of advanced therapies while maintaining the flexibility of transient transfection.

Lentiviral Vector Producer Cell Line Generation For CAR T-Cell Therapies

The market approval of CAR T-cell therapies, together with the continuous emerging number of CAR-based ex vivo and in vivo targeted products, has created huge demand for the supply of large quantities of high-quality-grade lentiviral vectors (LV). An integration of technologies has enabled the successful generation of highly promising suspension PCL LV-CAR clones.

Standardizing Viral Vector Manufacturing, Producer Cell Line Development

This poster details improvements to the general tbs consensus sequence [KAGNN]x11, enhancements to the sequences within the untranslated region (UTR), and optimization of tbs positioning in relation to the Kozak consensus sequence. The enhanced TRiP technology has been applied to CAR encoding lentiviral vectors, successfully reducing transgene expression in production cells resulting in improved yields.

Early Phase Manufacture And Process Development

Oxford Biomedica (OXB) has established the leading serum-free, single-use, commercial process for the manufacture of cGMP lentiviral vectors. We offer our partners the opportunity to leverage that experience and knowledge to achieve rapid progress, from product development to released cGMP batch.

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